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Woman-owned Small Business

We are very proud to be a registered woman-owned small business. Our owners Nancy and Matt North have been bringing our customers high-quality, low-cost repair services from our headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon for over 12 years!

Maximizing Your Capital

Our factory trained technicians and electrical engineers have extensive experience in the repair of Tektronix and Keysight (AT/HP) equipment including but not limited to oscilloscopes (with bandwidths up to 25GHz), spectrum / network analyzers and generators. Contact us today for an RMA number or general inquiry.

Founding of Norway Labs, Inc.

Norway Labs, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Nancy and Matthew North. They founded Norway Labs with a vision to provide a service that surpasses that of traditional "repair" facilities in terms of turnaround time and cost.

Nancy North Norway Labs Team Matt North


Matt North brings a wealth of experience to clients gained during more than 35 years as an electronics engineer. Prior to Norway Labs, Matt developed ATE stations for General Dynamics and Northrop. At General Dynamics, he developed one station to test gyros and accelerometers and another to measure radio-frequency deflections traveling through missle radomes. At Northrop, he worked on the Peacekeeper Inertial Measurement Unit.

He has also developed many pieces of commercially available test equipment at companies such as Racal-Dana Instruments and Interface Technology, including logic analyzers, time interval analyzers, pulse generators, word generators and stimulus response testers. During his 10-year tenure at Intel, he worked in Server Chipset Architecture where he developed video-capture cards for the Conferencing Division, and developed a logic analyzer for use in the Processor Division to debug front-side bus and PCI bus transactions.


Norway Labs exists to provide you with a cost effective and time saving alternative for repairing your test and measurement equipment. With us you can expect an average savings of 30% over the cost of OEM's. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We average a two week turnaround time on repairs and provide a 90-day warranty on any work we perform. If you are interested in working with us, contact us via email or call us at (503) 924-5846.